Why is detailing
a necessity?

Your car accumulates numerous particles that can harm the finish. Pollutants, mud, salt, dirt, sand, bugs, tar, rain, sun, etc. are extremely harmful to the paint. Detailing leaves microscopic layers of fine wax particles that provide a deep shine and forming a clear chemical bond that protects the paint and its original clear coat. Detailing guarantees longevity to the paint and retains the value of the vehicle. Professional detailing is not just a luxury it is an investment that has become a necessity!


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We at Mr. Pop's, in downtown Detroit, would like to take this opportunity and thank you for visiting our site. We take pride in our business and would like to share with you why our detail shop is ranked number one in Detroit, MI. We have a variety of services tailored to your lifestyle and needs; including complete detailing, hand car wash, buff and wax-polishing-and rubout, floor and upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning, bumper and chrome restoration. We use quality products such Meguiar's, Rain-X, 3M, Suntec films and more.

Many people don't understand the importance of auto detailing. What is auto detailing? Auto detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. Besides improving appearance, detailing helps to preserve resale value of a car. Automatic car washing is bad for the paint job on your car. The brushes that are used in automatic car washes, have brittle tips and will cause swirl marks and scratches. The best way to keep your paint looking fresh and right off the lot, is taking it to a detail shop for hand car washing, where car care is practiced. To learn more about our services and our commitment to customer satisfaction, please browse our website. We hope you find that we are here to serve you.